An era of change is needed.

Xeon International is an Investment boutique that provides a real alternative to existing financial models. Indeed over the last 15 years we all have experienced 3 major crisis.
We believe that the origin of this recurrent pattern finds a partial explanation by the development of ever more sophisticated financial products that have nothing to do anymore with basic value creation. They are actually highly speculative, driven by personal greed and mostly on the detriment of others.

This is NOT how we conceive creating wealth for our investors.

If we add to this that the integrity of financial institutions have been questioned through numerous scandals, we wonder what is the sustainability and integrity of these practices.

At Xeon International, we look at things differently because we believe clients and investors deserve to be treated with more transparency, respect and ethics: all in a language they do understand. We look at the business with the eyes of our investors and clients while our solutions are genuinely individual.
We go back to the basics of value creation.
Xeon International is an exclusive boutique offering a mix of 4 services.
From Company Financing and Growth management advisory to Private Equity management and Family Office services, we accompany our investors and clients independently and in their best interest and according to their needs.

We cherish our “lean and mean” structure and do not believe in the efficiency of standardised and anonymous organisations where no one is in charge anymore.

Xeon International is headquartered in Luxembourg and has built a global presence with its partners.
Yves Duponselle- Chief Executive Officer- Xeon International