Project financing through innovation

Xeon International is emerging with an innovative fund raising concept after a recent in-house industry analysis

Fund raising and respectively project financing have been severely hit after the credit crunch. Today’s funding landscape has dramatically changed. Xeon International estimates that during 2009 about $160b will be raised on the European and US markets compared to nearly $400b in 2008. Re-thinking of Project Financing is very much needed.

The typical fund raising process is attractive when funds are abundant and when requirements are low. However, the traditional process is “lacking transparency” according to fund raising customers, “there are a lot of intermediaries”, “recurrent Due-Diligence costs are a burden”, “there is no budget control possible” are the recurrent comments.

“We create impact and visibility though our contact campaigns” said Yves Duponselle, CEO of Xeon International. He added that investors are only contacted if the fund raising project enters in their investment scope and if they have propensity to be interested. Xeon International is offering a global reach to investors across all continents.

Xeon International’s project financing process could be described as fully transparent. There are regular updates on the parallel processes within the financing mission. The preparation of comprehensible metrics which reflect the interest of the market for the particular project is also a piece of innovation for the clients of Xeon International. Transparency is delivered by complete visibility of all communications with the potential investors.

Besides, when Xeon International leads the process there’s only one Due Diligence performed during the Investment Memorandum preparation. Any further Due Diligence, when required, is covered by the Investor’s side.

Xeon International aims to create long-term business value for its clients and investors by offering a unique blend of result-oriented, risk sharing strategic value creation and implementation services. It operates within three functional areas: Project Financing – Fund Management & M&A – Growth Management.
Our teams consist mainly of experienced managers with deep theoretical and practical knowledge of their areas of specialisation which ensures rapid comprehension of relevant strategic and operational issues and a solid implementation of solutions. We devise innovative and result-oriented ways to create business value for our clients and investors.