Xeon Fund on Fundraising Roadshow

Xeon Fund is the Private Equity fund of Xeon international launched last year in Luxembourg with the vocation to invest in the emerging markets of South and South East Asia.
Xeon International Private Equity  division is currently staging a roadshow to attract investors to SEACAP, a dedicated fund targeting industrial investments in fast growing medium sized enterprises.
“Investors are reacting enthusiastically at participating in promising investments in Asia and they are very keen on securing profitable opportunities in the medium term” says Giancarlo d’Elia – Chief Private Equity Officer at Xeon International. “Institutional and private investors are equally interested in SEACAP investment strategy and we have many requests to access SEACAP’s capital in the next few weeks”.

” The SEACAP Fund will tour in Singapore from the first week of February on.”, says Ronny Showkat, Group Managing Partner ME and Asia,” We have some important assets that are combining the best of both worlds as the fund is managed from Luxembourg, today’s second largest hub in the world for fund management , and it invests directly in the growing markets of South and South East Asia, today’s fastest growing economy. Investors in Singapore understand well the potential of the region and that is why we have set the priority to meet investors in this part of the world.”

Xeon International aims to create long-term business value for its clients and investors by offering a unique blend of result-oriented, risk sharing strategic value creation and implementation services. It operates within four functional areas: Private Equity – Corporate Finance – Growth Management Advisory and Family Office Services.

Our teams consist mainly of experienced managers with deep theoretical and practical knowledge of their areas of specialisation which ensures rapid comprehension of relevant strategic and operational issues and a solid implementation of solutions. We devise innovative and result-oriented ways to create business value for our clients and investors.