Xeon International acquires a new mandate in the Resource Recovery Industry

Xeon International appointed as Financial Advisor of Layton Group.

LUXEMBOURG, Xeon International, an international business value creation company established in Luxembourg in 2003, announced the acquisition of a new Corporate Finance mandate in the Resource Recovery Industry.

Yves Duponselle, CEO at Xeon International comments: “The WEEE recovery industry is a relatively new industry that emerged from the soaring commodities prices and the tightening of the environmental regulatory frames. The global economic slowdown affected the WEEE recovery industry as much as the commodities market.  But now the sector is recovering and is back on the growth track.”

Giancarlo d’Elia, CFO at Xeon International commented, “Layton Group is committed to a complete resource recovery and to a closed-loop recycling system. Recycling valuable materials became a pressing world challenge and our client responds to this need with a state-of-the-art closed circuit installation that will have unmatched efficiency. The project is seeking for a debt financing contract of €16 million.”

Xeon International aims to create long-term business value for its clients and investors by offering a unique blend of result-oriented, risk sharing strategic value creation and implementation services. It operates within four functional areas: Corporate Finance – Private Equity – Advisory and Family Office services.