Xeon International and Fuchs Finance join forces

Xeon International announces that it has joined forces with Fuchs Finance, a Luxembourg established asset management company.

“Our clients’ were also asking for top edge asset management services when we talked about Private Equity” says Yves Duponselle – CEO at Xeon International – “Fuchs Finance has an excellent track record and both companies match perfectly in terms of complementary skills. Through Fuchs Finance we got also access to very prestigious, traditional and upper market asset managers such as Julius Bear, Pictet, Sterwen and Banque Héritage and we are proud that we can offer this exceptional quality to our clients.”
Fuchs Finance has in excess of EUR 2 billion assets under management and stands foremost to independent and un-biased advices. The strategic cooperation will also allow Fuchs Finance to offer its clients a direct access to a portfolio of Private Equity through Xeon Fund “Made in Luxembourg”.

For more information: https://xeon-international.com/services/family-office

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