Xeon International files a claim against “Unknown”

Xeon International has recently been the victim of identity theft. Some wrong-doing individuals are claiming to hire a so-called Xeon International payroll assistant and are presenting themselves as Xeon international staff. For their purposes, they do not hesitate to falsify documents while using the logo and the content from Xeon International. They also use the names of Xeon international staff and sign falsely on their behalf.
Their appearance on recruitment websites such as Glassdoor are FALSE!

At Xeon International, we are clearly taking distance from those people who are bad in their intentions and who try to create reputational damage for all involved parties.

The best way to act, is to report the practices by sending a complaint to the local authorities. Please feel free to send us a copy of your complaint at info@xeon-international.com.

Finally we want to thank the many people who have been contacting us to report the scam. We can only encourage further support to help us getting those people out of “business”.

Below is a description of the scam pattern:

I recently received an email regarding a notice of a job interview from a certain Mr. George Walker who I assume is from the Human Resource Department at Xeon International. This was after I sent my résumé to Ms. Crystal Cale (HR Manager) as a response to a job post message she sent me through the job search website, www.jobsearch.gov.au.

I assumed that both Mr. Walker and Ms. Cale are employees of Xeon International, based on the information in the email and the attached web address which links to the Xeon International web page, https://xeon-international.com/about/mission.

Ms. Carly’s original message was regarding a job opening for an HR Manager job position to which I responded by emailing her my résumé through the email address she sent. After a day, Mr. George Walker responded to my email stating that they are looking for a Payroll Assistant; this got me confused because the initially job offer was for a HR Manager.

This got me very skeptical, along with the following:
1. The email account handler used by both contacts is too general “george_walker88@mail.com” and “crystal.cale@mail.com”, which is different from the email addresses used by your employees in your company website, “info@xeon-international.com”).

2. The way the email letter is composed is quite sketchy/ dodgy, especially that the composition is very different or written unprofessionally as compared to the company introduction.

3. The job description/ responsibilities of the said Payroll Assistant position are far different from the responsibilities of a common Payroll Assistant. Please see below, the said email from Mr. George Walker.

These are obvious red flags, but it would be best if you could clarify or confirm my assumptions that the job notice is possibly a fake one and that they are just using some of your company’s information or contact details.

Another reported scam pattern is the following:

Good morning!

I have received your letter from our employee and manager Lesa Morrissey.

My name is Margie Jackson. I am an expert in the field of Human Resources. I have specialized education and work experience in this field 12 years. I apologize for my not fast answer. Unfortunately due to the large number of candidates, I was able to contact with you only now.

I write to you to offer the job in our organization XEON International, in the position Payroll assistant associated with the assistance and support of our clients, the financial tasks, of simple administrative tasks and payment tasks. Thank you for your interest in position a Payroll assistant and attention to our company. We have reviewed your resume and are ready to interview you. Your experience suggests that you are qualified and valuable employee, and such people need for our company.

About us!
Xeon International is a boutique investment banking firm that offers financial advisory services. The firm provides merger, acquisition, growth management, corporate performance management, and deal structuring consulting services. Additionally, it offers business consulting and tax and legal advisory services. At the moment Xeon International is based in Luxembourg. Read more information about the our company.

About the our team!
Our team consist of experienced managers with deep theoretical and practical knowledge of their areas of specialization. This ensures rapid comprehension of the relevant strategic and operational issues and a solid implementation of the solutions.

Our company opens new business opportunities!
Some time ago, experts of our company carefully studied the global market, so that we can continue to successfully develop our business in other countries around the world. After a detailed study of world economic market, experts of our company singled out Australia as the most prosperous country for the successful development of our business. From that moment on, our company has strived to develop its business in Australia and maybe you will be able to help us in this!

Unfortunately, at the moment, our company has no active branches in Australia, but it is only a matter of time, we will decide in the near future. Our company is planning to open branches throughout Australia: New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia.

Our clients and investors invest in the future when employing our services to ensure long-term business growth and financial rewards. We invest in the future of our employees by providing professional training and competence development programs for our staff. We invest in our common future by actively supporting financial and educational aid programs for children worldwide.

Together, let’s make your dreams come reality!
And also you can visit Website of our company

To be a successful candidate for this position, you must complete the Application for Employment. You can obtain this document in the following letter, after you confirm your interest. If you have questions related to the work, you can ask me! Thank you again for your interest!

The company ratings on recruitment website such as Glassdoor are FALSE!