Xeon international highlights a new Emerging Market

Bangladesh has emerged as an extremely attractive alternative to the well established outsourcing destinations (China and India) when it comes to high labor-intensive manufacturing like Ready Made Garments (RMG), Footwear, Handbags, etc.
The country is ranked as the fourth biggest RMG exporter in the world.
Bangladesh’s democratic governance and political stability coupled with sound economic growth has attracted many manufacturers from all over the world. The country’s economy has grown at a healthy 5.8% per annum in the last decade. The forecasts indicate that Bangladesh should sustain GDP growth of 6% annually in the medium term.
The country’s plentiful and young workforce is contributing to the fast development of the country.

Ronny Showkat – Managing Partner at Xeon International- comments: ”The rising commodities prices and the recent social upraises have pushed the salaries in China, Thailand, India and the other low wage countries in South Asia higher, thus making Bangladesh a more competitive place for doing business. The market is soaring and new entrepreneurs appear every day.”

Bangladesh is also eligible for duty free access to the EU market for all products (except arms and ammunition) under the EU’s Generalized System of Preferences.

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