Xeon International publishes its M&A catalogue

Xeon International presents its sales and acquisitions opportunities

Following the growing demand from investors to study our Investment Opportunities we have decided to make our M&A catalogue public. The document is not extensive of all projects in our pipeline as many opportunities are not placed in for confidentiality reasons. All presented projects have been screened and approved by our Inorganic Growth division and each project’s Executive Summary could be provided upon request.

Keep yourselves regularly posted about these opportunities by informing us about your investment strategy in terms of geographical and industry focus and target size.Email us!

Xeon International aims to create long-term business value for its clients and investors by offering a unique blend of result-oriented, risk sharing strategic value creation and implementation services. It operates within three functional areas: Project Financing – Fund Management & M&A – Growth Management.
Our teams consist mainly of experienced managers with deep theoretical and practical knowledge of their areas of specialisation which ensures rapid comprehension of relevant strategic and operational issues and a solid implementation of solutions. We devise innovative and result-oriented ways to create business value for our clients and investors.