Xeon International spoke with the founders of NODDS

What is NODDS ?
DR: NODDS is a Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) technology start-up aiming at reducing the number of deaths caused by long response time in emergency situations.
We aim at optimising the emergency response and reduce the time between the incident and the first aide arrival, particularly in sudden cardiac arrest where each second counts.
The first two to three minutes after an SCA are crucial. It is typically during that time that NODDS emergency can intervene and save lives as opposed to traditional emergency services. NODDS also acts as virtual emergency assistant that gives real-time guidance to helpers in the case of an Alert. The platform can be extended in the future to other types of Alert management such as first help for Fire, Robbery or Aggression alerts.

How did you, Mr. Repelowicz, came up with the founding idea ?
DR: I have acquired a significant experience in the distribution of medical devices in the fields of cardiology and orthopaedic.
My observation is that we live in a world where the average survival rate after a sudden cardiac arrest is 5% globally. The response to Sudden Cardiac Arrest accidents is not satisfying. We can not leave the situation unchallenged, knowing that it is possible to save thousands of lives every year.
With today’s new technology, smartphones and connected objects, we have the power to change people’s life.

How would it work?
DR:NODDS is a cross-platform artificial intelligence solution that aims to significantly improve emergency responses in the event of an SCA by identifying and empowering the environment and nearby trained users who are able to respond quickly and provide assistance.

What is the situation of NODDS today?
TG: NODDS is based in Luxembourg. We have been developing a connected solution for 1 year now. The complexity of the project is to find the scalable way to provide a complete and easy solution. We need a smart alert system using new technology.
We are, currently, developing a solution that mixes mobile application and connected objets.

How would you formulate the company goals?
DR: Our first goal is to cut intervention times by developing a smart solution train people to act right when an emergency occurs. Learning is the key for a better emergency management.
Our ambition is to become the number 1 emergency alert system around the world.

NODDS, has been created to address the number of fatal “Sudden Cardiac Arrests (SCA)”, also know as “Sudden Death” which is today the second largest cause of mortality in the world.
NODDS is seeking for early stage investors to roll-out its next steps of development.

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