Post Merger Integration

The 7 rules to be observed for a Successful Post Merger Integration

1. Have a Vision 2. Build a structure 3. Set the drivers 4. Prove
Establish or confirm a clear and realistic vision regarding the future orientation of the new entity.

Establish immediately the leadership and responsibility structure and avoid the internal ‘survival of the fittest’ fights.

Loose and unclear leadership structures may lead to a de-motivation of all.

Development of the company should be the driver, not the cost-synergies!

Convince the parties by quick results.

Stakeholders are mostly convinced by small but important successes.

5. Create new culture 6. Communicate 7. Understand the risks
Analyze and consider the cultural differences in creation of a new corporate culture.

Organise focus oriented internal and external communication. General and random information and communication is contra-productive.

Q&A sessions are of prime importance especially for internal information.

Install a risk-management cell with the mission to identify, categorize and prioritize the risks before either ignoring or addressing those.