Yves Duponselle

Yves Duponselle CEO & Chairman

Yves is a strategic thinker and international market developer who has spent two decades working in leading international corporations within the consumer, financial, telecom and content industries. He held several leading roles within international sales and marketing before joining Xeon International. Many of his newly developed strategies resulted in double-digit revenue growth and significant market share increase. He holds expertise in growth management and has a wide-ranging experience in company performance enhancement, corporate finance, international expansion and quality management systems. He is the CEO of Xeon International and he has a clear vision that drives the company and its clients to a business value creation of an advanced, innovative kind.

Giancarlo d

Giancarlo d'Elia Chief Private Equity Officer

Giancarlo is a powerful business transformer with a sound knowledge in growth management issues. He has a track record as a top management professional with a natural talent for people and figures. Giancarlo disposes of powerful business acumen and truly international experience of more than 20 years.

He went through all strategic positions in growth management issues and performed as a company CEO, international development with sustained growth. He is transferring his experience as a visiting professor at a French university to MBA graduates. As the Chief Private Equity officer of Xeon International Giancarlo is the guardian of the investors’ values.

Paul Alexander Feher

Paul Alexander Feher Chief Corporate Finance Officer

Paul is our Chief Executive Corporate Finance Officer and Member of Xeon International Board of Directors.
Over the last two decades, Paul has accumulated a wealth of international project financing experience in the Middle East and the European markets.
Having partnered and collaborated intimately with Ruling Families in the Middle East, Paul brings world class business acumen, a robust track record and a unique approach to our corporate finance activities.
Over the years, Paul has developed a one of a kind group of key strategic investment partners that includes HNW individuals, industry-leading corporations and institutional investors from around the globe.
His core sectors of competency include energy (renewable and traditional), hospitality and real estate.
Paul is a Graduate of Concordia University in Montreal, Canada with a special concentration on International Relations, International Law and Economics.

Marta Vassileva

Marta Vassileva Chief Marketing Officer

After her studies in Solvay Business School, Marta worked in the media & financial sectors before joining the team of Xeon International. She has a passion for science, nature and the arts, and ensures her team apply similarly creative thinking in the field of business. Marta only settles for the highest standards of value creation for Xeon International’s clients.


Alexandre Chateaux Legal Advisor

Attorney-at-law Alexander Chateaux is through the Law firm SCRM the legal advisor of Xeon Fund SIF SICAV SCA.
He is specialized in:
1. Banking and Financial Law
2. Commercial and Company Law
3. Tax Law
4. Intellectual Property Law (Copyright, Patents, Trademarks, Models)
5. Media, technologies and information in telecommunications