Yves Duponselle

Yves Duponselle Chairman

Yves is a strategic thinker and international market developer who has spent two decades working in leading international corporations within the consumer, financial, telecom and content industries. He held several leading roles within international sales and marketing before joining Xeon International. Many of his newly developed strategies resulted in double-digit revenue growth and significant market share increase. He holds expertise in growth management and has a wide-ranging experience in company performance enhancement, corporate finance, international expansion and quality management systems. He is the CEO of Xeon International and he has a clear vision that drives the company and its clients to a business value creation of an advanced, innovative kind.

Giancarlo d

Giancarlo d'Elia Chief Executive Private Equity Officer

Giancarlo is a powerful business transformer with a sound knowledge in growth management issues. He has a track record as a top management professional with a natural talent for people and figures. Giancarlo disposes of powerful business acumen and truly international experience of more than 20 years.

He went through all strategic positions in growth management issues and performed as a company CEO, international development with sustained growth. He is transferring his experience as a visiting professor at a French university to MBA graduates. As the Chief Private Equity officer of Xeon International Giancarlo is the guardian of the investors’ values.


Dr. Michael Kuhn Chief Technology Officer - ENERCAP- Bio Ethanol

Michael is a specialist in developing and implementing turn-key production units. He is experienced in designing and running alternative energy plants.

He has a strong expertise in bio-ethanol production processes and advanced technologies and in-depth knowledge in agricultural biomass-production for bio-fuels and bio-power generation. Moreover he has an excellent knowledge in waste management and waste-treatment.

Michael’s track record is including structuring and implementing co-generation power plants driven by alternative energy.


Klaus Cornehl Chief Technology Officer - ENERCAP- Power Plants

Klaus is an expert in power management related issues. He has in-depth knowledge in developing and implementing turn-key power-production units. He posses vast experience in designing and running co-generation power plants.

Apart that Klaus holds a track record in implementing and running conventional co-generation power plants and integrated process technologies. He has a strong understanding of energy trends and alternative energy markets.

Alain Thomas

Alain Thomas Chief Operating Officer- RECAP Hotels and Resorts

Alain is the representation of 30 years of hard work and dedication to the art of good living. Initially, he started as an expert in F&B. He participated into several openings and gained a strong experience into the hospitality. He worked in different parts of the world with international hotel chains where he experienced the different management experiences. It gained him the sense of commitment to excellence, as well as the dedication to the uncompromising quality of the work product and service.
After Alain accomplished his master degree in management with the University of Nancy II, he started working for International catering clients, multi-national hotel companies, small family-operated hotels, privately owned restaurants, external caterers; Catering industry recruitment companies.

Alain’s mission within Xeon International is to assist RECAP maximise the profitability of their operations by enhancing the human capital factor and coach the staff in diagnosing and solving problems to create growing value for our investors.

He has a particular strength in Hotel & restaurant concept development.

Elina Nizar

Elina Nizar Chief Investors Relations Officer

Elina Nizar has spent over 5 years working for a consultancy where she helped a number of European General Partners with their distribution efforts as well as maintaining and developing her relationships with investors across Europe and the Middle East. Elina previously worked as an independent consultant for a Private Equity General Partners in Europe advising on client relations and sales. Elina’s previous roles also include working as Public Relations in the Middle East. Elina studied Psychology from Goldsmiths University of London and is currently studying Business & Management at the Open University of London. Elina is fluent in English and Arabic and is able to converse in Persian.