Xeon Fund presented ENERCAP’s disruptive business model before a pool of selected investors in Amsterdam

ENERCAP is the Alternative Energies Private Equity fund of Xeon international launched in 2013 in Luxembourg.
Xeon International Private Equity  division is currently staging a roadshow to attract investors to ENERCAP and presented its disruptive business model towards a pool of investors in Amsterdam.
Investors were mainly Multi-Family offices and large institutional.

“Investors are reacting enthusiastically at participating in investments contributing to the environment and with a high corporate social responsibility. They are also very keen on securing profitable opportunities in the medium term” says Yves Duponselle – CEO at Xeon International.

ENERCAP aims at creating value for the investors by constructing and operating large bioethanol manufacturing plants fully integrated with a self-co-generation power plant. This factor enables the absolute independence of the production process on the energy side by using local freely available municipal waste (RDF, Refuse Derived Fuel) as base for energy manufacturing (Co-generation principle). This creates thus a uniquely profitable business model with only one P&L and margins on average 30% higher than the “best of breed”. Enercap controls the whole value chain for the bio-ethanol production.

Xeon International aims to create long-term business value for its clients and investors by offering a unique blend of result-oriented, risk sharing strategic value creation and implementation services. It operates within four functional areas: Corporate Finance – Private Equity – Advisory and Family Office services.