Foreseen growth for mobile banking

Xeon International anticipates strong market demand of mobile banking

The globalization of the world economy is leading to higher mobility and the usage of mobile services is essential for many people. There is more than 100% penetration rate for the mobile phones in the developed countries and in 2008 it is estimated that there are about 40 million mobile banking services users, mainly in Europe and in the USA.

According to our research, by 2010 the number of Mobile banking services users will increase substantially. Mobile devices are becoming more powerful and easier to use and banks need to be innovative to compete for new clients and to retain their existing customers.

This is why Xeon International is anticipating the market demand and is introducing a mobile banking application which allows customers to access their accounts and operate transactions the way they have used to do it on their computers. The undeniable advantage of this innovation is the “anytime, anywhere” access to banking services. Today’s customers want to organize banking transactions while on the move, irrespective of opening hours.

Financial service providers have so much reduced the value proposition of their services over the last years that consumers avoid to use non-digital touch points. This leads to an acceleration of mobile banking applications demand, comment analysts of Xeon International.

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