Case 1: “The Green Car Corporation”

(Corporate Finance Boutique Project)

“The Green Car Corporation” is a luxury brand project. Xeon International promoted the project among investors and raised the several phases of the company development plan.

Results: The company could roll-out its strategy with the required growth working capital.

Case 2: “The Matrix Corporation”

(Advisory Boutique Project)

“The Matrix Corporation” is a large producer of industrial products. Xeon International investigated the market opportunities in Europe and launched a pilot project in one country, then extended activities throughout the continent.

Results: In two years the commercial development proved its efficiency on the pilot market by attaining 8% market share. The Company is now represented on five major European markets and growing.

Case 3: “Mr. Goldfinger”

(Family Office Boutique Project)

“Mr. Goldfinger” is a very wealthy individual who made his fortune in the Real Estate Industry. Xeon International is delivering a full range of Family Office services to his family taking care of the education of his children abroad. His inheritance strategy was carefully planned and invested in a portfolio of Asset Management and Private Equity investments.

Results: Mr. Goldfinger has found his peace of mind because he knows everything is being taken care of for him and his family.

Case 4: “Euro–Value Inc.”

(Private Equity Boutique Project)

“Euro –Value Inc.”were in the process of exporting their business model to new International markets. Xeon International built and implemented a new value proposition that was specifically meeting the needs of the new markets.

Results: Reached ROI objective. Revenue growth expectations were surpassed by over 15%.

Case 5: “Great Idea ltd”

(Corporate Finance Boutique Project)

From local champion “Great Idea ltd” wanted to become an international player. Xeon International developed the strategy, selected the distribution channels, created the business model and determined the financial requirements.

Results: Xeon International found the investors for the required funds. The project was launched and is currently running.

Case 6: “Bright mechanisms ltd”

(Advisory Boutique Project)

“Bright mechanisms ltd” have been growing fast for the last two decades. Xeon International intervened in main strategic areas such as portfolio optimisation, international sales and segmentation.

Results: Turnover increase of 17% above objectives. Total tangible savings for the year of our intervention amounted to 29% of the EBIT.

Case 7: “Smart Designers”

(Corporate Finance Boutique Project)

“Smart Designers” is a construction company with long traditions. The third generation of the family-owned company confided a sales mandate to our M&A unit. Xeon International  prepared an “Investor Memorandum”, negotiated the sales with the buying side and assisted with the “due diligence” process.

Results: Xeon International identified the most relevant investors. The company was sold within 12 months.

Case 8:”Loyal & Co.”

(Advisory Boutique Project)

“Loyal & Co.” suddenly started losing existing customers to market challengers. Together with key staff, we created a predictive model to identify the profile of those customers that were most likely to leave and we created appropriate incentives to retain them.

Results: Rapid 18% increase in customer loyalty. Sustained market share progression.


Company names have been altered and industries omitted in order to ensure confidentiality. Although the cases describe real Xeon International missions, any resemblance to existing company names is purely coincidental.

Due to ongoing confidentiality agreements, we are bound to strict non-disclosure agreements and not allowed to disclose the majority of our customer base.

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