Our mission at Xeon International Capital Partners is to maximise shareholder value for  investors.
We mostly look at early stage emerging markets with a large headroom for development.
Through our group local presence and market knowledge, we deploy a powerful “pre-defined” strategy by selecting high quality investments with a strong growth and integration potential.
Xeon Fund may also consider potential acquisitions in all continents on an opportunistic basis.

Our Xeon International multidisciplinary multinational team of professionals share a strong entrepreneurial culture and unique expertise in managing fast growing companies and brands, able to create a distinctive value for its shareholders.

Xeon Fund SIF SICAV SCA focuses on few selected investment sectors: Water, Energy and Real Estate.

Xeon International Capital Partners is the approved General partner of the fund and in charge of defining and implementing the investment strategy of Xeon Fund SIF SICAV SCA.

Xeon Fund SIF SICAV SCA is Headquartered in Luxembourg and authorized by the CSSF.