Yves Duponselle

Yves Duponselle President

Yves is a strategic thinker and international market developer who has spent two decades working in leading international corporations within the consumer, financial, telecom and content industries. He held several leading roles within international sales and marketing before joining Xeon International. Many of his newly developed strategies resulted in double-digit revenue growth and significant market share increase. He holds expertise in growth management and has a wide-ranging experience in company performance enhancement, corporate finance, international expansion and quality management systems. He is the CEO of Xeon International and he has a clear vision that drives the company and its clients to a business value creation of an advanced, innovative kind.

Paul Alexander Feher

Paul Alexander Feher Chief Executive Corporate Finance Officer

Paul is our Chief Executive Corporate Finance Officer and Member of Xeon International Board of Directors.
Over the last two decades, Paul has accumulated a wealth of international project financing experience in the Middle East and the European markets.
Having partnered and collaborated intimately with Ruling Families in the Middle East, Paul brings world class business acumen, a robust track record and a unique approach to our corporate finance activities.
Over the years, Paul has developed a one of a kind group of key strategic investment partners that includes HNW individuals, industry-leading corporations and institutional investors from around the globe.
His core sectors of competency include energy (renewable and traditional), hospitality and real estate.
Paul is a Graduate of Concordia University in Montreal, Canada with a special concentration on International Relations, International Law and Economics.

Dimitar Popov

Dimitar Popov Chief Operating Officer

Dimitar has been working predominantly with foreign companies (Europe, USA and Canada) and holds a large international business acumen. He has expertise in the field of Business Consultancy which has led him towards main areas of knowledge in business and economical analytic processes and researches and process optimization.

Dimitar has extensive knowledge about organisational and functional analyses. He has participated in different organizational analysis and efficiency improvement projects and initiatives. Dimitar has a master’s degree in Industrial Management from the Technical University – Sofia and is a Certified Associate in Project Management.

Georgi Chakarov

Georgi Chakarov Chief Investment Officer

Georgi is a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and member of the Institute of Internal Auditors.

He brings years of professional experience as an internal and financial auditor, working with European companies across industries (manufacturing, retail, energy, transportation, services, construction, IT).

He has expertise in the fields of valuations, finance, budgeting, investments, risk management, but also in analysis and making recommendations on eliminating violations and deficiencies.

Georgi is currently obtaining his Certified Public Accountant certificate (CPA) with interest in obtaining further certifications in financial auditing, risk management assurance, and information systems auditing.

He has a bachelor’s Degree from the American University in Bulgaria.

Ivan Garbev

Ivan Garbev Chief Design Officer

Ivan is a passionate designer who studied at the New Bulgarian University. Ivan is specialized in creating corporate visual identities and web front-end developments.

He is driven to create strong conceptual designs and he believes that implementing “the aesthetic principles of design” in any visual communication will contribute to an improved communication.