Xeon International Capital Partners appoints Mr. S. Lange-Juergen as a new Member of the Board of Directors

Luxembourg 3 July, 2017

Xeon International Capital partners, the general Partner of Xeon fund SIF SICAV S.C.A. announced today the appointment of Mr. S. Lange-Juergen as a new Member of the Board of Directors.

“As Xeon International Capital Partners is reaching substantial growth Momentum in the market it was a must to put the Alternative Fund business development and Investor Relationships in the hands of a seasoned and experienced Board Member”, comments Yves Duponselle, Chairman at Xeon International Capital Partners.
“With Stefan “on Board”, we can tap into a vast pool of relationships linked to a proven track record with the required experience to lead the path to new business and larger brand penetration among investors and entrepreneurs. Our global investment business model, based on strategic alliances with proven Investment Advsiors gives us a great deal of leverage in the market to personalise our services to the investor community.” according Yves.

“When the business is expanding so aggressively as we are experiencing for the moment, it is important that we increase the accountability for the Key functions within the Board.” says Giancarlo d’Elia, CEO and Vice-Chairman of Xeon International Capital Partners.

“The Alternative fund strategy will focus on one side on providing access to investors, to investment proposals through open end fund concepts and on the other side it will offer personalised and tailored services through closed end funds ”, says Stefan Lange- Juergen, Member of the Board Xeon International Capital Partners. ” We have absolute exciting times ahead of us because besides the great team and value proposition, we are operating from Luxembourg which is one of the Leading Fund management platforms in the World.”

Stefan has spent a great part of his professional life working in the banking industry. Over the years he developed in-depth skills in Private Banking and Asset Management. He started working in a major international banking institution in London, then he had working places in Spain and Russia.
Due to his knowledge of Russian, he was appointed Head of the Russian desk in one of the leading Global Banks in London.
His long experience in taking care of his High Net Worth Individuals clients’ portfolio provided him with the notion of a sharp customized service. He has a deep understanding of fund allocations options in function of clients’ priorities.

“Apart from his large experience , Stefan is all but a traditional banker, seeking for continuous innovation to enhance and simplify investor experiences and that is what has caught our attention,” commented Yves, “it is our strategy at Xeon International, as opposed to the existing Banking Industry, to strive for complete personalisation where investor strategies are empowered and accelerated by working with Xeon International.

Xeon International aims to create long-term business value for its clients and investors by offering a unique blend of result-oriented, risk sharing strategic value creation and implementation services. It operates within three functional areas: Project Financing and M&A – Fund Management – Growth Management.

Xeon International is the initiator of Xeon Fund. Xeon Fund SIF SICAV SCA was founded back in 2011 and is a Private Equity umbrella fund with 3 Sub-funds. The fund has been awarded for its Corporate Social and environmental investment strategy.The fund concentrates on Alternative Energies, Water Production and Real Estate. It operates from Luxembourg and is authorised by the Luxembourg regulator CSSF with Visa 2015/101265-7225-0-PC.